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Step inside, and you'll notice right away how bright and airy Nest feels, thanks to its soft white laminate and woven wall coverings. At the same time, it's homey and cozy, urging you to recharge and unwind after a day spent exploring. High-end, plush fabrics add extra touches of sophistication and comfort. And everywhere you look, it's lighthearted, modern style.

Nest was designed to elevate any getaway. Whether you spend your days relaxing, exploring, or anything in between, Nest's design choices make your time that much more inspiring. With Nest, you can do it all clean up, cook, unwind, and rest in style and comfort.

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Location: SOUTH BAY

Year: 2019
Length: 16
Sleeps: 2
Weight: 4000
Exterior: White
Interior: Clutch Blue
Stock #: E5930
VIN #: 1STC66C13KJ720216

List Price:

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Staff Photo  Henry M.   Adventure Advisor 

I love to help my Guests go through the discovery process and helping them find just the right Airstream. It is thrilling to see the smiles and expressions, I find it truly rewarding. I love that Airstream has such a long tradition of being the best recreational trailer, they are timeless and have inspired many people to seek adventure. I work here because of our culture, my co-workers and because we sell the most iconic travel trailer.

  • Hometown? Dixon, CA.
  • Who inspires you? I’m inspired by my kids.
  • What’s your secret talent? I’m a s’mores making ninja.
  • Super power of choice? I would love to be able to fly.

Staff Photo  Peter A.   Adventure Advisor 

I grew up in an Airstream and traveled to new adventures almost every weekend. I have many memories of following my father around as he learned the basics of trailering. We went to national parks and lakes and up and down the coast. As a child, it was a new adventure every time we hooked up the "Silver Bullet". An Airstream trailer brings back all these wonderful memories every time I see one.

As your Airstream Adventure Advisor, I hope to pass on all my personal experience as well as the training and support of Bay Area Airstream Adventures in your quest to explore new and old adventures.

  • Hometown? Monterey, CA.
  • Who inspires you? My father gave me the inspiration to enjoy the outdoors and try new things including my quest to fly helicopters later in life. He inspires me every day.
  • What is your secret talent? Flying a helicopter.
  • Super power of choice? Flight.

Staff Photo  Nick T.   Adventure Advisor 

I am addicted to the joy, happiness and the excitement my Guests share with me when they take delivery of their new Airstream Luxury Travel Trailer or Luxury Touring Coach! When they purchase their shiny new Airstream, they’re like kids on Christmas Eve, they have visions of adventures dancing in their heads! 

I love Airstream trailers because they are woven into the fabric of my life and into the lives of most Americans.  Almost everyone has seen or is able to recognize an Airstream trailer without introduction. I was the top selling Interstate sales person in the world for two consecutive years and intend to finish my working career with Airstreams!

I like working for Bay Area Airstream Adventures because of the commitments we have to our Guests and the care we provide for them beyond the sale.

  • Who inspires you? My family, both living and those who have passed.
  • What's your secret talent? To operate machines on the land, sea, and in the air.
  • Super power of choice? Flight.

Staff Photo  Di Anne C.   Adventure Advisor 

What I love most about Airstream is the rich history. Not just Wally Byam’s story but our Guests' stories as well! So many have memories of their parents or grandparents owning an Airstream. You can see in their face the nostalgic experience playing through their mind. 

Learning about our Guests’ expectations and use for their trailer or touring coach is very enlightening and interesting. Whether it’s short trips, long trips, a residence, guest house, or retail unit; Airstream is applicable in every instance.

Working for Bay Area Airstream Adventures has given me the opportunity to meet so many great people looking to take a dream and make it a reality.  I am so thankful that I get to be a part of such a positive, healthy, and fun product. It brings new adventures, great memories & quality time to so many.

  • Who inspires you? Mother Nature is always the most influential. There is nothing more majestic & humbling.
  • What’s your secret talent? I can go into a store and leave 2 hours later with nothing!
  • Super power of choice? Invisibility. I’d be wearing my pajamas everywhere!

Staff Photo  Danny V.   Adventure Advisor 

I enjoy meeting new Guests and listening to them share with me the fantastic plans they have when they buy their Airstream.  I've sold almost three hundred Airstreams and I use feedback from those sales to help guide my Guests in finding the perfect Airstream for them.

There are too many things to list what I love about Airstreams, but here are a few... The iconic shape, they last forever, they are handmade in America, and it's a dream come true to own one!

I've never worked in sales before and about three years ago I received a call to come work here.  At first, I was hesitant, but my friend who worked here said I'm really good with people and I would have a lot of fun. Working here has been great and my Guests appreciate my non-pressure approach.  It makes them feel at ease.

  • Who inspires you? My loving wife of 30 years inspires me along with my children and parents as well as people who give back through volunteering and donating.
  • What is your secret talent? To make people laugh.
  • Super Power of choice? Invisibility-I loved to play hide and seek when I was a kid!

Staff Photo  Ralph M.   Adventure Advisor 

Being a part of Team Airstream enables me to help provide a beginning for someone's lifelong dream of exploring Earth’s fabulous playgrounds and campsites. It's truly a good feeling to meet and communicate with Guests who take such enjoyment in traveling in luxury with comfort and convenience. Airstreams, coming from such rich history and deep roots, are built with commitment, experience, and love. This alone makes it enjoyable to see a trailer on the road.

Not only is Airstream an iconic brand - it's a lifestyle. The Earth is our Turf, so let’s begin exploring!

  • Who inspires you? Having family time is my inspiration.
  • What’s your secret talent? Keeping people smiling and being happy!
  • Super power of choice? Flight to make it easy to be anywhere, any time.

Staff Photo  Linda P.   Adventure Advisor 

I enjoy knowing that the Guests that I spend time with are planning to get out and see places they may not have visited before, spend time together as a family, retire in style, or use an Airstream for work or hobbies.  I truly believe that an Airstream adds value to their lives and I genuinely get excited from the very beginning of the process all the way to the purchase.

The legacy of Wally Byam and the longevity of Airstream is so impressive. The products are built to last and they keep getting better.

It is an honor to work for a company that sells a product that is built to last and I truly enjoy selling something that I believe in one hundred percent.  The relationship I build with every guest is based on honesty and integrity, so selling a product that I believe is worth every penny allows me to honor that relationship. Airstream trailers are iconic and built to last so families can enjoy them from one generation to the next.

  • Hometown? Novato, CA.
  • Who inspires you? My sister, who is an educator; teaching middle and high school students for over 20 years and now, as an instructional coach, encouraging and coming alongside other educators to improve their practice. She's wise, funny, and makes everyone around her feel good.
  • What's your secret talent? I have a natural ability to connect with people.  I truly enjoy the relationships I form with my Guests and friends.
  • Super power of choice? Faith and Humor.  I tend not to worry about too many things because worrying isn't going to change anything.  I have faith to know that things are always going to work out, and I find humor in way too many things.

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