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This 2015 Interstate Lounge is gently used and ready for the road. This model includes all the safety features offered by Mercedes: Parktronic system, Lane Assist, Blind Spot Assist and Brake Assist. We include a 1 year service agreement as protection for you. This unit seats 9 and has very low miles. Come tour it today!

Photos shown are stock images only. Actual unit may be different.


Location: BAY AREA

Year: 2015
Length: 24
Sleeps: 2
Weight: 11030
Exterior: Sheer Silver Metallic
Interior: Black Ultra Leather
Stock #: D6066A
VIN #: WD3PF4CD7E5882937

List Price: $124,788



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Staff Photo  Christina B.   Adventure Advisor 

I love the relationships and friendships gained when helping Guests find their perfect Airstream. Listening to the adventures they look forward to taking and hearing the fantastic time they had on their journey is the real pay off. Airstreams are iconic, durable, sustainable and user-friendly. With Airstream's many uses as a camper, in-law unit or even a vacation destination, I'm reminded of how versatile Airstream is. 

I decided to work for AANW in 2014. I was driving by and noticed a beautiful trailer out front and wanted to know more. 5+ years later, I am so happy that I stopped to find out. The energy, the Guests and the Team Members really make every day seem effortless.

  • Who Inspires you? My husband inspires me to push forward everyday. He is my biggest cheerleader. My three kids inspire me as well. They are growing up to be wonderful people.
  • What is your secret talent? While no secret to most, people I am an avid crocheter and gardener. If stranded on a desert island, I could grow food and make clothes.
  • Super Power of Choice? I wish I could fly. There are so many places I would like to visit on this Earth and being able to fly would allow me to visit so many more places in less time.

Staff Photo  Karl D.   Adventure Advisor 

I love this iconic brand because it is a part of Americana! Airstreams are truly unique and of the highest quality. I love the culture, mission, vision and values that Bay Area Airstream represents.

  • Who Inspires you? The underdogs that never give up.
  • What is your secret talent? I'm great at cooking Asian cuisine.
  • Super Power of choice? Ironman.

Staff Photo  Henry M.   Adventure Advisor 

I love to help my Guests go through the discovery process and helping them find just the right Airstream. It is thrilling to see their smiles and expressions; I find it truly rewarding. I love that Airstream has such a long tradition of being the best recreational trailer; they are timeless and have inspired many people to seek adventure. I work here because of our culture, my fellow Team Members and because we sell the most iconic travel trailer.

  • Hometown? Dixon, CA.
  • Who inspires you? I’m inspired by my kids.
  • What’s your secret talent? I’m a s’mores making ninja.
  • Super power of choice? I would love to be able to fly.

Staff Photo  Andrew G.   Adventure Advisor 

It's so exciting when a Guest sets off on a new adventure with their Airstream, and I get to be a part of that excitement. My favorite aspect of the Airstream brand is the mix of classic styling with modern amenities and technology. I appreciate Bay Area Airstream's commitment to serving our Guests, and the Team Members are some of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever worked with.

Who Inspires you? My wife. She is so caring, selfless and hardworking – every day she pushes me to be a better person.

What is your secret talent? I can move both of my eyebrows independently, and one of my ears.

Super Power of choice? Flight.

Staff Photo  Ralph M.   Adventure Advisor 

Being a part of Team Airstream enables me to help provide a beginning for someone's lifelong dream of exploring Earth’s fabulous playgrounds and campsites. It's truly a good feeling to meet and communicate with Guests who take such enjoyment in traveling in luxury with comfort and convenience. Airstreams, coming from such rich history and deep roots, are built with commitment, experience and love. This alone makes it enjoyable to see a trailer on the road.

Not only is Airstream an iconic brand - it's a lifestyle. The Earth is our Turf, so let’s begin exploring!

  • Who inspires you? Having family time is my inspiration.
  • What’s your secret talent? Keeping people smiling and being happy!
  • Super power of choice? Flight to make it easy to be anywhere, any time.

Staff Photo  Danny V.   Adventure Advisor 

I enjoy meeting new Guests and listening to them share with me the fantastic plans they have when they buy their Airstream. I've sold almost three hundred Airstreams, and I use feedback from those sales to help guide my Guests in finding their perfect Airstream.

There are so many things that I love about Airstreams, but here are a few: The iconic shape, they last forever, they are handmade in America, and it's a dream come true to own one!

I've never worked in sales before, and about three years ago I received a call to come work here. At first, I was hesitant, but my friend who worked here said I'm really good with people and I would have a lot of fun. Working here has been great and my Guests appreciate my no-pressure approach. It makes them feel at ease.

  • Who inspires you? My loving wife of 30 years inspires me, along with my children and parents, as well as people who give back through volunteering and donating.
  • What is your secret talent? To make people laugh.
  • Super Power of choice? Invisibility - I loved to play hide and seek when I was a kid!

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